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This report focuses on communicating in an easy-to-understand manner our creation of value under “Move Up” 2027, our Group management vision, as well as the future once these objectives have been achieved and our state of progress along this path. The report also describes our business strategies and contains financial information and non-financial information, such as safety, society, the environment, and governance on ESG-related initiatives. By using this report as a medium for dialogue that enhances communication with stakeholders, we aim to prove worthy of the trust they have placed in the JR East Group.

Going forward, we hope to continue fostering a deeper understanding of the Group's business operations.

Furthermore, this report serves as a safety report required to be publicly announced by the Railway Business Act.

Independent assurance report of the environmental performance indicators included in JR East Group INTEGRATED REPORT 2021. [PDF/366KB]

Titles Size Download
All pages 10.6MB PDF
Titles Size Download
Cover 472KB PDF
··· Basic Information ···
Contents and Editorial Policy 727KB PDF
The Structure of the JR East Group Report 2021
··· Value Creation by the JR East Group ···
Value Creation History 2.1MB PDF
The JR East Group's Strengths
Value Creation Model
··· Management Strategies ···
A Message from the President 1.5MB PDF
JR East Group Management Vision “Move Up” 2027
Activity Highlights
··· Sustainability Initiatives (Satety) ···
Our Fundamental Concept of Safety 1.5MB PDF
JR East's Safety Management Organization
Efforts to Further Improve Safety Levels
Current Safety Record of JR East
··· Sustainability Initiatives (Society) ···
Relationship with Customers 2.3MB PDF
Promoting Innovation
Relationship with Society
Relationship with Employees
··· Sustainability Initiatives (Environment) ···
Aiming to Realize a Sustainable Society 847KB PDF
Measures to Prevent Global Warming
Measures for Resource Circulation
TCFD Recommendation-Related Initiatives
··· Corporate Governance ···
Directors and Auditors 1.1MB PDF
Directors' and Auditors' Biographies
Messages from an Outside Director and an Outside Auditor
Corporate Governance
Internal Control System
··· Data Section ···
Review of Operations 659KB PDF
Consolidated 11-Year Financial and Non-Financial Summary
Financial Statements
Corporate Data
Stock Information
··· Appendix ···
Financial Section 568KB PDF
FY2021 Financial Highlights 6KB CSV
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