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Environment (Sustainability Report)

Sosical and Environmental Report 2002

Sosical and Environmental Report 2002
Titles Size Download
All pages 3.9MB PDF
Sosical and Environmental Report 2002
Titles Size Download
Group Visions 90KB PDF
Relationship between JR East's Business Operations and Environment/Society 203KB PDF
Environmental Management 827KB PDF
Prevention of Global Warming 508KB PDF
Reducing Ozone Layer-depleting Substances 51KB PDF
Recycling-oriented Society 340KB PDF
Environmental Conservation along Railway Lines 361KB PDF
Pursuit of Safety 230KB PDF
Service Improvement 202KB PDF
Railways More Accessible for All 63KB PDF
Expanding Communications with Local Communities and International Society 284KB PDF
Workplace that Motivates Employees 152KB PDF
Economic Highlights 120KB PDF
Outline of Company 44KB PDF
Companies in the JR East Group 31KB PDF
History of JR East's Social and Environmental Activities 33KB PDF
Transportation by Railway 58KB PDF
Independent Review Report 142KB PDF
After Word 43KB PDF
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