Sustainability Report 2009

Sustainability Report 2009
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All pages 7.53MB PDF
Sustainability Report 2009
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Cover 184KB PDF
Editorial Policy 180KB PDF
Group Philosophy, Basic Principles 160KB PDF
Top Interview 526KB PDF
··· Special Topic ···
Environmental Measures Put into Action 256KB PDF
Establishment of Environmental Engineering Research Laboratory 292KB PDF
Establishment of our 5th 5-year Safety Plan, 2013 Safety Vision 288KB PDF
Continuing the Challenge ― Improving customer satisfaction 262KB PDF
Maximizing Group Value 271KB PDF
Future of IT and Suica Businesses 262KB PDF
··· Environment ···
Basic Concept on Environmental Protection and Targets 204KB PDF
JR East Group’s environmental impact 194KB PDF
Targets and outcomes 131KB PDF
Measures to Prevent Global Warming 685KB PDF
Measures to create a sound material cycle 360KB PDF
Chemical substance management 250KB PDF
Reducing Noise along Railway Lines 178KB PDF
Improvement of Environment along Railway Lines 179KB PDF
Measures for Biodiversity 315KB PDF
Development of Environmental Technology 318KB PDF
Environmental Management System 319KB PDF
Environmental Communication 213KB PDF
Reports on Ecological Activities at JR East 299KB PDF
Reports on Ecological Activities at JR East Group Companies 299KB PDF
Environmental accounting and management indicators 239KB PDF
··· Safety ···
Pursuing “extreme safety levels” 339KB PDF
Creation of a culture of safety 260KB PDF
Safety management 174KB PDF
Improvement of safety equipment 431KB PDF
Measures taken since the accident on the Uetsu Line 198KB PDF
Safety Research and Development 216KB PDF
··· Society ···
Relationship with Customers 1.15MB PDF
Relationship with Society 437KB PDF
Relationship with Employees 384KB PDF
Maintaining Customer Confidence and Trust 380KB PDF
Independent assurance report 208KB PDF
Following an interview with the President/Future prospects 174KB PDF
History of JR East Group’s environmental and social activities 191KB PDF
Corporate profile/Businesses of the JR East Group 189KB PDF
Editorial Postscript/Back Cover 200KB PDF