Sustainability Report 2005

Sustainability Report 2005
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All pages 5.2MB PDF
Sustainability Report 2005
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JR East Group Profile, Editorial Policies, Contents 345KB PDF
··· Highlight Section ···
Interview with the President 85KB PDF
Putting Group Policies into Practice: New Frontier 2008 95KB PDF
Creating the World's Most Environmentally-Friendly High-Speed Train 163KB PDF
Rooftop Greenery: Good for the Environment, Good for People 180KB PDF
Recycling Resources, Growing Vegetables 180KB PDF
Learning from Disaster: Responses to the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake 180KB PDF
Station Transformation: From "A Place to Pass Through" to "A Place to Be" 164KB PDF
Our Aim: Ultimate Safety 68KB PDF
··· Comprehensive Section ···
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 68KB PDF
Philosophy on CSR 207KB PDF
Environmental Aspects
Basic Vision for the Environment 243KB PDF
Environmental Goals and Results 214KB PDF
Environmental Management 214KB PDF
Environmental Accounting and Environmental Management Indicator 196KB PDF
JR East Group´s Environmental Impacts 635KB PDF
Measures to Prevent Global Warming 1.4MB PDF
Creating Sound Material Cycles 458KB PDF
Chemical Management 250KB PDF
Environmental Activities along Railway Lines 306KB PDF
Environmental Communication 240KB PDF
Social Aspects
Measures to Ensure Safety 1.7MB PDF
Our Relationship with Customers 417KB PDF
Our Relationship with Communities 305KB PDF
Our Relationship with Employees 211KB PDF
Economic Aspects
The Economic Dimension 332KB PDF
Our Relationship with Stakeholders 354KB PDF
Independent Review Report, Future Prospects 117KB PDF
History of Environmental and Social Activities, Editorial Note 181KB PDF