Sustainability Report 2010

Sustainability Report 2010
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All pages 5.92MB PDF
Sustainability Report 2010
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Cover 137KB PDF
Editorial Policy 58KB PDF
Group Philosophy, Basic Principles 44KB PDF
Top Message 143KB PDF
Stakeholder dialogs 249KB PDF
··· Special Topics ···
Rediscover Local Areas Project
Message to the next generation
Biological diversity and environmental technical development
··· Environment ···
Basic Concept on Environmental Protection and Targets 106KB PDF
JR East Group's environmental impact 150KB PDF
Targets and outcomes 120KB PDF
Measures to Prevent Global Warming 654KB PDF
Measures to create a sound material cycle 351KB PDF
Chemical substance management 196KB PDF
Basic thoughts on noise reduction 76KB PDF
Improvement of Environment along Railway Lines 82KB PDF
Environmental Management System 145KB PDF
Implementation of in-house environmental education 227KB PDF
Environmental education for the children to lead the next generation 102KB PDF
Environmental Communication 152KB PDF
The efforts of each organization 172KB PDF
Reports on Ecological Activities at JR East Group Companies 176KB PDF
Environmental accounting and management indicators 188KB PDF
··· Safety ···
Pursuing "extreme safety levels" 246KB PDF
Creation of a culture of safety 255KB PDF
Improvement of safety equipment 440KB PDF
Measures taken since the accident on the Uetsu Line 91KB PDF
Safety Research and Development 168KB PDF
··· Society ···
Relationship with Customers 832KB PDF
Relationship with Society 323KB PDF
Relationship with Employees 321KB PDF
CSR Management 161KB PDF
Compliance 121KB PDF
Independent Assurance Report 102KB PDF
Summary from the General Manager of the Management Planning Department 64KB PDF
History of JR East Group's environmental and social activities / History of Awards 133KB PDF
Corporate profile / Businesses of the JR East Group 271KB PDF
Editorial Postscript 140KB PDF