CSR Report 2013

CSR Report 2013
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All pages 10.23MB PDF
G3 (GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines) Comparison Table 73KB PDF
CSR Report 2013
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Cover 365KB PDF
Editorial Policy 86KB PDF
Group Philosophy / Basic Principles 54KB PDF
Top Message 86KB PDF
JR East Group Management Vision V - Ever Onward - 1.02MB PDF
··· Special Topics 1 ···
Toward the Development of World Railways 643KB PDF
··· Special Topics 2 ···
Toward Restoration from the Earthquake and Revival of Community 861KB PDF
··· Environment ···
Basic Concept for Environmental Protection and Targets 46KB PDF
JR East Group's environmental impact 193KB PDF
Progress Report on Environmental Targets 109KB PDF
Measures to Prevent Global Warming 850KB PDF
Measures to create a sound material cycle 315KB PDF
Biodiversity 175KB PDF
Basic thoughts on noise reduction 53KB PDF
Improvement of the Environment along Railway Lines 54KB PDF
Chemical substance management 97KB PDF
Environmental Communication 1.49MB PDF
Environmental Management Structure 219KB PDF
Actions by Tohoku Construction Office 153KB PDF
Reports on Ecological Activities at JR East Group Companies 89KB PDF
Environmental accounting and management indicators 157KB PDF
··· Special Topics 3 ···
Energy & Environment Strategy 290KB PDF
··· Safety ···
Pursuing "extreme safety levels" 208KB PDF
Creation of a culture of safety 39KB PDF
Restructuring safety management 335KB PDF
Improvement of safety equipment 543KB PDF
Measures against earthquakes 41KB PDF
Measures taken since the accident on the Uetsu Line 233KB PDF
··· Society ···
Relationship with Customers 472KB PDF
··· Special Topics 4 ···
Station Renaissance: Present and Future 108KB PDF
Relationship with Society 348KB PDF
··· Special Topics 5 ···
Preservation and Restoration of the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building and the surrounding area 124KB PDF
Relationship with Employees 436KB PDF
CSR Management 504KB PDF
Compliance 477KB PDF
Independent Assurance Report 624KB PDF
Summary from the General Manager of the Management Planning Department 421KB PDF
History of JR East Group's environmental and social activities / History of Awards 487KB PDF
Corporate profile 651KB PDF
Businesses of the JR East Group / Back cover 509KB PDF