Sustainability Report 2003

Sustainability Report 2003
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All pages 4.1MB PDF
Sustainability Report 2003
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We aim to be a trustworthy lifestyle-enhancement services group 320KB PDF
Our main duty is to provide railway services in a sustainable manner 117KB PDF
What is environmentally friendly transportation? 489KB PDF
Where does the electricity to power our trains come from? 217KB PDF
What happens to used train tickets and other refuse? 121KB PDF
What is an environmentally friendly transportation combination? 426KB PDF
How is customer safety ensured? 211KB PDF
What are new convenient customer services? 210KB PDF
What is a pleasant, user-friendly station? 371KB PDF
Contents, Reference guidelines, and Editorial policy 72KB PDF
What is JR East Group's CSR management structure? 60KB PDF
What is JR East Group's Vision? 70KB PDF
What is JR East's basic vision toward the environment? 44KB PDF
What is to be accomplished in FY 2002 toward FY 2005 goals? 81KB PDF
How do we facilitate environmental management? 111KB PDF
What is to be considered cost-effective analysis in environmental accounting 56KB PDF
How do we gauge input and output of resources and energy? 126KB PDF
What are measures for preventing Global Warming? 381KB PDF
What are we doing to encourage recycle-based society? 164KB PDF
What are we doing to reduce chemical substances? 54KB PDF
How do we conduct environmental conservation along railway lines? 138KB PDF
How do we conduct environmental communication? 109KB PDF
How do we foster relationships with local and international communities? 201KB PDF
How do we ensure railway safety? 188KB PDF
How do we apply customer feedback? 100KB PDF
What is our personnel management? 95KB PDF
Economic Performance of JR East Group 81KB PDF
Figures pertaining to JR East Group 63KB PDF
Messages from stakeholders 69KB PDF
Independent Review Report 92KB PDF
Companies in JR East Group 118KB PDF
History of JR East Group's Environmental and Social Activities 48KB PDF