Sustainability Report 2007

Sustainability Report 2007
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All pages 2.3MB PDF
Sustainability Report 2007
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Cover 107KB PDF
JR East Group Profile, Contents and Editorial Policy 96KB PDF
Stakeholders and the JR East Group 141KB PDF
Top message 68KB PDF
··· JR East's Three Perspectives ···
[Safety] Taking safety an important step further 273KB PDF
[Service] It is our happiness to make customers smile 245KB PDF
[Environment] Responsibility for global environmental issues 176KB PDF
··· Special Topic ···
[Safety] Measures taken since the accident on the Uetsu Line
[Safety] Measures after the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake
[Measures for transport disruptions] Measures for reducing transport disruptions in the Tokyo metropolitan area 88KB PDF
[Environment] Expanding the circle of “Eco Activities” 134KB PDF
[Round-table discussions] Environmental efforts within the diverse businesses of our group companies 119KB PDF
··· Management / Safety / Society / Environment ···
Toward a Trusted Life-style Service Creating Group 81KB PDF
Relations with stakeholders seen from the economic aspect 70KB PDF
Our aim is “the utmost level of safety” 280KB PDF
Learning from Customer Feedback – Our Basic Stance toward Everything 157KB PDF
Promoting partnership with communities 102KB PDF
Creating of a favorable work environment 71KB PDF
Basic Concept on Environmental Protection 55KB PDF
JR East Group’s Environmental Impact 67KB PDF
Accomplishments in fiscal 2006 in relation to targets to be met by fiscal 2008 76KB PDF
A management system to promote environmental conservation activities 89KB PDF
Utilization of environmental accounting and the environmental management indicator in our management 62KB PDF
[Column]Research and development contributing to environmental conservation 186KB PDF
What JR East Group is doing to prevent global warming 178KB PDF
JR East is recycling and reusing waste materials as resources 136KB PDF
Compliance with laws and setting goals for reduction of chemical substances 67KB PDF
JR East conserves the environment along railway lines 85KB PDF
Communicating environmental information and working with communities 143KB PDF
Independent Review Report, Third party opinion and Future prospects 52KB PDF
History of JR East Group’s environmental and social activities and Editorial postscript 39KB PDF
Back Cover 106KB PDF