CSR Report 2014

CSR Report 2014
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All pages 9.64MB PDF
G4 (GRI Guidelines Version 4.0) Reference Table 70KB PDF
CSR Report 2014
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Cover 314KB PDF
Corporate Profile / Editorial Policy 88KB PDF
Group Philosophy / Basic Principles 54KB PDF
Management Information 507KB PDF
Service Area 178KB PDF
Business Outline / Businesses of the JR East Group 241KB PDF
Top Message 98KB PDF
JR East Group Management Vision V - Ever Onward - 598KB PDF
··· Special Topics 1 ···
Aiming to achieve "extreme safety levels" 311KB PDF
··· Special Topics 2 ···
Toward Restoration from the Earthquake and Revival of Communities 290KB PDF
··· Environment ···
Basic Concept for Environmental Protection and Targets 42KB PDF
JR East Group's environmental impact 193KB PDF
Progress Report on Environmental Targets 110KB PDF
Environmental Targets for FY2015 and Beyond 111KB PDF
Concept for Establishing FY2017 Targets 47KB PDF
Measures to Prevent Global Warming 804KB PDF
Measures to create a sound material cycle 339KB PDF
Biodiversity 306KB PDF
Basic thoughts on noise reduction 53KB PDF
Improvement of the Environment along Railway Lines 54KB PDF
Chemical substance management 100KB PDF
Environmental Communication 545KB PDF
Environmental Management Structure 227KB PDF
Environmental accounting and management indicators 155KB PDF
Activities of Branch Offices 79KB PDF
Activities of Group Companies 79KB PDF
··· Special Topics 3 ···
Energy & Environment Strategy 98KB PDF
··· Safety ···
Pursuing "extreme safety levels" 657KB PDF
Ingraining the cultures of safety 39KB PDF
Enhancing safety management 258KB PDF
Promoting the priority improvement plan for safety equipment 627KB PDF
Measures against earthquakes 40KB PDF
Measures taken since the accident on the Uetsu Line 242KB PDF
··· Society ···
Relationship with Customers 1.56MB PDF
··· Special Topics 4 ···
Innovation of Service Quality 169KB PDF
Relationship with Society 663KB PDF
··· Special Topics 5 ···
Initiatives to Enhance the Value of Areas Along our Railway Lines 164KB PDF
··· Special Topics 6 ···
Toward the Development of Railways Throughout the World 95KB PDF
Relationship with Employees 549KB PDF
CSR Management 138KB PDF
Compliance 275KB PDF
Independent Assurance Report (website version) 187KB PDF
Summary from the General Manager of the Management Planning Department 47KB PDF
History of JR East Group's environmental and social activities 116KB PDF
Organization 127KB PDF
Consolidated Financial Statements for Fiscal 2014 50KB PDF
Back cover 124KB PDF