Sustainability Report 2008

Sustainability Report 2008
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All pages 5.06MB PDF
Supplemental information exclusive to website 803KB PDF
Sustainability Report 2008
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Cover 193KB PDF
Group Philosophy, Action Policies and Editorial Policy 254KB PDF
JR East Group Profile 254KB PDF
Top message 299KB PDF
JR East 2020 Vision − i do mu − 526KB PDF
··· Special Topic ···
[Safety] Our efforts to ensure safety 402KB PDF
[The Environment] Environmental Actions Taken by Group Companies 365KB PDF
[Environment] Environmental Targets for Group Companies exclusive to website 264KB PDF
[Society] Improved Station and Railcar Comfort by Reflecting Customer Comments 234KB PDF
[Society] The Future of Railway Technology and Culture Interactive Railway Museum 268KB PDF
··· Safety / Environment / Society ···
Pursuing “extreme safety levels” 794KB PDF
Basic Concept on Environmental Protection and Targets 470KB PDF
Measures to prevent global warming 582KB PDF
Measures to create a sound material cycle 255KB PDF
Chemical substance management exclusive to website 124KB PDF
Environmental activities along railway lines 257KB PDF
Environmental communication 251KB PDF
Environmental Conservation Technology 270KB PDF
Environmental management 231KB PDF
JR East Group’s environmental impact 231KB PDF
Targets and outcomes 266KB PDF
Environmental accounting and environmental management indicators exclusive to website 257KB PDF
Relationship with customers 537KB PDF
Relationship with communities 241KB PDF
Relationship with employees 300KB PDF
Gaining the confidence and trust of customers 276KB PDF
Independent review report, Third party opinion and Future prospects 213KB PDF
History of JR East Group’s environmental and social activities and Editorial Postscript 179KB PDF
Back Cover 166KB PDF