Gently sink into relaxing, private seating.

Premium quality seats exclusive to the Gran Class recline to a maximum of 45 degrees with a single switch so you can enjoy your journey in a comfortable position.

Features of the seats

Reclining function

Operate the control panel to interlock the backrest, seat, leg rest and footrest and recline up to 45 degrees.

Headrest pillow

Our special headrest pillow is even softer than those used in JR’s Green Cars, and can be moved up and down to suit customer preference.

Dining table

A table that can be adjusted to two sizes is housed in the armrest. The table slides forward and back so you can adjust it to the preferred position when eating or using your computer, etc.

Cocktail tray

A compact side table is installed on the armrest.
You can enjoy a beverage even with your seat reclined.

Desk light

The desk light can be adjusted to any angle.
This provides a bright environment for reading or working during your trip.


There is a semi-transparent partition between side-by-side seats.
This provides a comfortable space with privacy in mind.

Control Panel

The control panel at your fingertips lets you adjust the seat with a single switch.
If you need the attendant, push the button to call them. (*)
*Differs for “Gran Class (No Beverage or Snack Service)” trains.
*Photos for illustrative purposes only.

Electrical outlet

An electrical outlet has been provided on the front of the armrest of each seat.
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