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Service and Marketing: Offering our Customers Value that is for "Right Now, Right Here and Just for Me"

Moving forward, more information will be integrated in real time than ever before, from traffic flow and vehicle and equipment data to news on other modes of transit such as buses and taxis, information related to incredible developments in car technology such as automatic driving technology and car sharing and even weather reports and other data. With this data integration in mind, we are preparing support customized to each customer that will shorten total trip time and provide for a variety of needs in advance, offering value personalized for "right now, right here and just for me".

To start, we are preparing a system providing real-time information that integrates our transportation with other modes of transit in order to provide every customer with a stress-free commute. In the future, this will lead to a mobility service that facilitates smooth door-to-door transportation with advanced integration connecting our trains and other modes of transit to best suit the customer's situation.

We are also shifting our personnel to provide high-quality service with a personal touch in order to upgrade our hospitality across the board.

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