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Research and Development for the Next-generation Shinkansen Advanced Railway System Development Center

The next generation of Shinkansen will provide new value in addition to safe and high-speed travel. These trains will utilize IoT, big data, AI and other technologies to advance new concepts in development based on the following concepts: "pursuit of greater safety and stability", "improvement of comfort", "reduction of environmental burden", and "reform of maintenance". Moving forward, the E956 Shinkansen test train (nickname: ALFA-X) will be used as a test platform to evaluate this research and development.

Illustration of Test Vehicle (ALFA-X) for Development of the Next-generation Shinkansen
Fig. 2: Research and Development Concepts for the Next-generation Shinkansen
Fig. 3: Aerodynamic Drag Panel Units, Fig. 4: New Devices to Reduce the Risk of Derailment
Fig. 5: Active Suspension System
Fig. 6: Pantograph Noise Reduction
,Fig. 7: Aerodynamic Sound Reduction for the Brake Disc
Fig. 8: Illustration of CBM