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Safety and Security: Foreseeing Danger to Minimize Risk

The JR East Group is at a crossroads, both inside and outside the company, as we tackle a myriad of issues such as changes to the railway system, increases in horizontal specialization and the rapid change of the age of our employees. In order to best handle any problems presented within these changes, we are reviewing and overhauling facilities, education and training integral to safety as we continue research and development required for those undertakings, all in order to ensure safe and secure transportation that is a step above.

Furthermore, in order to meet global safety expectations moving forward, we are taking full advantage of IoT, big data and AI to predict possible danger, uncover risk that cannot be overcome through experience and knowledge alone, and take the steps required to solve issues before they arise. Moving forward we will continue this research and development and combine it with information technology solutions, robotics, the human factor and other breakthrough technologies to create the very highest levels of safety.

Research and Development Themes