Refined travel to Izu​ ​SAPHIR ODORIKO
Starts March 14, 2020

Sales start on February 14, 2020

Timetable from March 14, 2020 (for reference purposes)

Izu; where you can find real charm in nature, culture, history, and all of its other elements.
Easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is one of the leading tourist destinations in Japan and can be easily visited with family and friends.

Enjoy the real Izu with SAPHIR ODORIKO and spend time in elegance as you gaze from the window at the scene passing by.

Saphir is French for sapphire.
The name evokes images of the beautiful sapphire-esque Izu sea and a brilliant blue sky and comes from a desire to provide passengers with a refined, high-quality, and elegant journey.


Car 1 Premium Green

All seats are Green seats, and passengers can enjoy their trip in comfort.
Private rooms and a cafeteria are also available

All seats are Green seats, and with JR EAST’s first ever Premium Green seats and a menu providing food from an open kitchen, passengers can enjoy a refined and elegant trip.

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Cars 2/3 Green Car Private Compartments for 1-4 people

Car 4 Cafeteria

Cars 5-8 Green Cars

The cafeteria

Car 4 Cafeteria

Noodles and drinks
​ ​to accompany your trip

We offer the perfect noodles and drinks to complement your journey.

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