Information updated: November 13, 2019

NONBIRI Holiday Suica Pass

Holidays only! Provides great value and convenience for day trips to suburban areas around Tokyo

  • Adult (12 years and older) 
  • Child (6 - 11 years old)

What does this product let me do?

The NONBIRI Holiday Suica Pass is a convenient Suica-only product for traveling to areas in and around Tokyo. This pass gives you unlimited travel using non-reserved seats in ordinary cars on ordinary trains (including rapid trains) on JR East lines in the unlimited travel area, the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Line (Rinkai Line) and the Tokyo Monorail, and as well as being able to touch and go through automatic fare gates in the unlimited travel area, you can also enjoy the convenience of automatic fare adjustment if you travel outside this area (as long as your card's balance is sufficient).
If you buy a Super (Limited) Express Train ticket separately, you can use limited express and other such trains.​ ​

* You can’t use this pass to take the Shinkansen.

Map of area coverage

Great deals

How much can I save using this pass?

  • E.g. Round trip from Tokyo to Ashikaga Flower Park

    The round trip fare for an adult using JR trains (Tōkyō Station to Ashikaga Flower Park) is about ¥3,000. 

    With a NONBIRI Holiday Suica Pass, you can make the same journey and get on and off at stations in between as you please for ¥2,670.

    *See the timetable, etc. for the exact fare

    The pass saves you money!

    Round trip from Tokyo to Ashikaga Flower Park

  • Adult (12 years and older) 
  • Child (6 - 11 years old)

Validity Period

one day

Sales Points/Eligibility

Purchase Locations

Tickets can be purchased via reserved seat ticket vending machines, multifunctional ticket vending machines, and automatic ticket vending machines at major JR EAST stations within the area covered. You can purchase a pass any time between 1 month before you start using it (i.e. the day with the same date in the preceding month) to the actual day you start to use it.
This product can only be used with Suica. (These are not sold as paper tickets.)



There are no special conditions applicable to this pass, and it is available for anyone to purchase.




You can change the start date of the validity period once.​ ​


Refunds based on the customer’s circumstances can only be made during the ticket’s validity period and before use. You will need to consult with station staff at a major JR EAST station in the area covered. No refunds will be given for canceled or delayed trains.

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