NONBIRI Holiday Suica Pass

Recommended for travel to Tokyo, Kamakura, and other places around Tokyo!

Area Covered

Example area covered

The NONBIRI Holiday Suica Pass is a convenient IC card-only discount ticket for visiting areas near Tokyo. Use the NONBIRI Holiday Suica Pass for unlimited rides on local (and rapid) JR trains, on the Rinkai Line (Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit) and on the Tokyo Monorail within the designated zone (non-reserved seating only). It offers superb convenience as you can use it to touch and go at automatic ticket gate machines in the designated zone, and even if you go outside of the designated zone, you pay automatically as long as you have charge remaining on your IC card.
If you purchase a Super (Limited) Express Train ticket separately, you can also use limited express and other such trains.

  • You cannot use the shinkansen.


Adult (12 years and older)
Child (6 to 11 years old)

How much can I save?

E.g. Round trip from Tokyo to Ashikaga Flower Park

The round trip fare for an adult using JR trains (Tokyo Station to Ashikaga Flower Park Station) is about ¥3,000.

With the NONBIRI Holiday Suica Pass,
you can take the same journey for ¥2,670. You can also hop on and hop off at stations along the way.

  • See the timetable, etc. for the exact fare

Validity Period

1 day