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Replacement of Kawasaki Thermal Power Station
No. 1 Unit

East Japan Railway Company

January 23, 2012

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) will replace the aging No. 1 unit at Kawasaki Thermal Power Station
The new generator will be in the 200 MW output class and use high-efficiency combined-cycle power generation.
The generator will be fueled by natural gas to further benefit the environment.
Targeted start of operations is 2021.
  1. Current status

    JR East owns private electric power generation facilities to provide electricity for our lines in the Tokyo metropolitan region and the Joetsu Line.
    These facilities include the Kawasaki Thermal Power Station, which currently has four generators. Of these, the No. 1 unit went into operation in 1981 using kerosene as fuel, and is showing signs of aging after 30 years.

  2. Output

    The output of the No. 1 unit will rise from 144 MW to the 200 MW class.

  3. Power generation facility

    Like the current No. 1 unit, the new generator will use high-efficiency combined-cycle power generation.

  4. Fuel

    The current No. 1 unit runs on kerosene but the new one will use natural gas, which is better for the environment and has a highly stable supply.

  5. Start of operations

    The targeted start of operations of the new generating facility is 2021.