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Second half of FY2011 (October to March)

This page contains public press releases in exactly the form that they were issued (JR East Public Relations Department).
These texts are the same as the contents of the Japanese Press Release website.
To view the body texts, click the linked headlines.

March 30, 2012 : Notice Regarding Iwaizumi Line (Moichi to Iwaizumi) [PDF/107KB]
March 6, 2012 : Seismic Reinforcement against Earthquakes Directly beneath Tokyo Metropolitan Area, and Strengthening of Seismic Observation Systems
February 15, 2012 : Notice Regarding Change in Representative Director [PDF/38KB]
January 23, 2012 : Replacement of Kawasaki Thermal Power Station No. 1 Unit
December 2, 2011 : Issuance of the 81st, 82nd and 83rd Unsecured Bonds
October 27, 2011 : Notice of Acquisition of Management Rights to Tokyu Car Corporation’s Railway Car Manufacturing Business
October 4, 2011 : Establishment of International Railway Consulting Company