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Technical Review

JR EAST Technical Review No.6-Summer 2005

We published this JR East Technical Review to provide information of our R&D. We expect more people be informed about the characteristics of our R&D, and thereby to encourage people to suggest how the progress can be made if new technologies are applied at our R&D efforts.
CONTENTS [Laborsaving, Cost Reduction]
Special feature article
Utilization of "Proficient-Thinking-Skills" Accumulated at Work Sites
Professor, the University of the Air Technology critic

Masanori Moritani
Approach to Cost Reduction in the Research & Development Department
Director, Technical Center Research and Development Center of JR East Group

Toji Hayase
Interpretive article
Research and Development on Prolonging the Service Life of Rails

Takayuki Onodera
Development of Low-maintenance Tracks

Kazuhiko Murao and Hirotaka Aihara
Special edition paper
Development of a contact wire cold pressure welding device

Yasuhisa Abe, Fumihisa Sato and Ichiro Ideno
CONTENTS [Technology to Boost Railroad's Customer Satisfaction]
The outline of 11th R&D symposium
11th JR East R&D Symposium "Technology to Boost Railroad's Customer Satisfaction"
Special feature article
Direction of Future Research and Development: Targeting the Creation of New Customer Values
General Manager of Technology Planning Department, and Executive Director of the Research and Development Center of JR East Group, East Japan Railway Company

Takashi Endo
Interpretive article
Suica Technology and Strategy for Future Development
General Manager, Suica System Dept., East Japan Railway Company

Akio Shiibashi
"Research and Development towards the Creation of a New Station"
Director, Frontier Service Development Laboratory, Research and Development Center of JR East Group, East Japan Railway Company

Kenji Koyo
Special edition paper
Development of "Information Agent"

Takeyuki Yajima, Go Yanagisawa, Takeshi Nakagawa and Kenji Koyo
Research and Surveys on a Paradigm for a Next-Generation In-Station Sign and Information Delivery System

Go Yanagisawa, Tadashi Iino and Kenji Koyo
We are looking forward for many suggestions and advices. If you have any further questions about the JR East Technical Review, please feel free to contact us.
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