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mobile Suica makes ticket-less travel on JR East Shinkansen lines possible!
Details for Mobile Suica limited express ticket services have been finalized!
~Reserved seats can now be purchased at more affordable prices~

East Japan Railway Company

December 3, 2007

JR East will commence "Mobile Suica limited express ticket" services to enable our customers to use our Shinkansen lines with more convenience and at more affordable prices.

  • "Mobile Suica limited express ticket" services include a set of basic fare and a limited express ticket for JR East Shinkansen routes.  For conventional lines to and from Shinkansen stations requiring conventional line fares, customers can use the stored fare (SF) function of Mobile Suica for fare payment, giving seamless use of our services.   
  • With "Mobile Suica", Shinkansen reserved seats can be purchased at a price lower than the charge for regular magnetic-backed non-reserved seat tickets. 

Service is scheduled to start in March 2008.
Specific dates will be announced upon confirmation.

‹Details of Mobile Suica limited express ticket services (Appendix 1 to Appendix 6)›

  1. Application required for Mobile Suica Limited Express Ticket Services
    Appendix 1 [PDF/198KB]  )
    Before services can be utilized, an application (free of charge) is required.

  2. Mobile Suica customers can purchase Shinkansen reserved and non-reserved seats.
    Appendix 2 [PDF/192KB]  )
    1)  Mobile Suica can be used for a combination of basic fare and limited express charge between JR East's Shinkansen stations (including the Yamagata and Akita Shinkansen). 
    2)  For conventional lines to and from Shinkansen stations, conventional line fares are required. 
    3)  Tickets can be purchased with ease from registered Mobile Suica cellular phones.
    "Mobile Suica limited express ticket services" are available to JR East's Mobile Suica members (excluding "EASY Mobile Suica members").
    Ticket purchases are charged to the customer's credit card registered with Mobile Suica.

  3. Mobile Suica cellular phones used for ticket purchase allow customers to ride JR East Shinkansen trains without having to receive tickets at station counters or from ticket vending machines
    Appendix 3 [PDF/316KB]  )
    1)  Downloading Shinkansen ticket data to the IC chip of a registered Mobile Suica cellular phone allows customers to pass through ticket gates with just a brief touch of their phone to the automatic Shinkansen ticket gate sensor ("Touch & Go").
    2)  To assist customers in remembering to download their data, a message will appear in the phone display for those who have not yet completed their download.  In addition, by customer request, download reminders will be e-mailed to the customer.
    If the data is not still downloaded on the day of departure, a message will be displayed on the Mobile Suica limited express ticket services menu screen.

    The e-mail reminder service is free of charge.  Additional packet communication fees are required.


    In Suica service areas, conventional lines can be used with "Touch & Go" of registered Mobile Suica cellular phones to an automatic ticket gate sensor. (Conventional line fares will be charged to Mobile Suica cellular phones.)

    4)  Information on Shinkansen tickets purchased, such as train names and seat numbers, can be checked via cellular phone.

  4. When purchasing tickets, customers can view seat maps detailing the available seating on specific trains to help them choose their desired seat
    Appendix 4 [PDF/210KB]  )
    For reserved seats, the seat map function service allows customers to choose and purchase the seats of their choice.

  5. Shinkansen tickets can be purchased more easily and at more affordable prices
    Appendix 4 [PDF/210KB] and 6 [PDF/153KB]  )
    1)  Reserved seats on routes between Shinkansen stations can be purchased for less than the price of the current magnetic non-reserved seat tickets.
    Customers failing to reserve seats will be allocated non-reserved seats.  Prices for reserved and non-reserved seats for Mobile Suica limited express ticket services are the same. 
    2)  Prices are fixed throughout the year.  Ticket prices do not fluctuate between "on-season" and "off-season" prices.
    3)  Services are available for Golden Week, Bon, year-end and New Year holidays.

  6. Prior to departure, customers can make changes to reservations as needed without charge
    Appendix 5 [PDF/156KB]  )
    Customers who need to take an earlier or later Shinkansen due to a sudden change in schedule, such as a prolonged meeting, can change reservations freely using their registered Mobile Suica cellular phone.
    The service is available for 3 months from the date of initial purchase.  Reservations can be changed to any train with departure within a month from the date of changes.

[Reference 1] 
Service period and business hours [PDF/32KB]
[Reference 2] 
In coalition with JR Central's Express Reservation IC service, customers can also use the Tokaido Shinkansen with Mobile Suica! [PDF/445KB]

mobile Suica
With Mobile Suica, JR Central's Tokaido Shinkansen will also soon be available!

From March 2008 (planned), Mobile Suica members who sign up for "Express Reservation members*", can also use the Tokaido Shinkansen's "Express Reservation IC service" (tentatively named) with Mobile Suica.

Keep an eye out for future updates!

A separate application and annual fee are required for the use of JR Central's "Express Reservation".