2-Day/1-Night Trip



TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA departs from Ueno Station.

Station staff see you off as your train departs.
  • [Lunch] onboard the train

Lunch prepared by the owner and chef of Kagurazaka KUROSU

  • For the first meal of your journey, you will enjoy Japanese cuisine that remains faithful to tradition and brings out the best in each ingredient.

  • Hiroyuki Kurosu Kagurazaka KUROSU,

Arrive at Kashimajingū Station.

  • [Stopover for sightseeing]
    Kashima Shrine / Sawara

Kashima Shrine [Ibaraki Prefecture]

  • Kashima Shrine is considered the most important shrine of the ancient Hitachi Province. The deity it enshrines is Takemikazuchi.
    A special rite known as “Kashimadachi” will be performed here to pray for a safe journey. The deer are considered to be messengers of the gods and the sight of them relaxing at their ease at various points along the deeply wooded path inside the grounds of the shrine is one of the attractions here.

Sawara [Chiba Prefecture]

  • Many historical buildings still remain in Sawara, particularly along the banks of the Onogawa River. You will be given a special guided walking tour of the town, which is also the birthplace of Tadataka Inō, the father of Japanese surveying and cartography. This excursion is a chance to explore the history and culture of Sawara, while enjoying its townscape of earthen-walled storehouses and traditional townhouses, and imagining the scenes when the town’s waterways made Sawara a prosperous transportation hub in the Edo Era.

Depart Sawara Station.

  • [Dinner] onboard the train - [Overnight] on TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA

Dinner prepared by TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA executive chef Eiji Ikeuchi

  • The special full-course dinner is French cuisine prepared by TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA executive chef Eiji Ikeuchi.
    The onboard meal is a special experience and truly something to look forward to.
  • Continuing TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA's history of passion for cuisine that started when the trains first began operating, we have meticulously crafted an incredible menu from ingredients found across Eastern Japan, including those from my home prefecture of Ibaraki.
    Through our cuisine, we strive to convey the heart of those who produced these fine ingredients by evoking the charming scenery you gaze out on from the train windows.
    We hope your dining experience will make your trip that much more memorable.
  • Eiji IkeuchiExecutive chef of TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA

Cocktail Hour

Enjoy a drink at Lounge Komorebi in Car 5.
Relax with a drink while watching the evening scenery from the train window. Lounge Komorebi (Car 5) can be utilized at any time of day, except for when Car 5 is being used to serve meals. Lounge Komorebi is closed from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM for cleaning and disinfecting.


Arrive at Nebukawa Station.

  • Sunrise from Nebukawa Station

Nebukawa Station is well-known for its view of the sea. Located at the top of a hill overlooking Sagami Bay, there are superb panoramas of the bay from its platforms and station building. On this trip, the train will stop here in time for the sunrise. You are free to wander onto the platform to bathe in the rays of the morning sun as it rises from the waves, or to gaze out on the scene from the train. The choice is yours.Weather conditions may mean that you are unable to watch the sun rise.

Depart Nebukawa Station.

Arrive at Odawara Station.

  • [Breakfast] outside the train

Breakfast at Shokurakuan Hotoku, Hotoku Kaikan

  • A feast of traditional Japanese dishes that draws heavily upon local delicacies, such as fish caught in the waters off Sagami Bay and vegetables from the foothills of Mount Hakone.

  • Shokurakuan Hotoku, Hotoku Kaikan
    Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • [Stopover for sightseeing]

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

  • TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA will then travel along Sagami Bay and arrive at Odawara Station. After breakfasting at Shokurakuan Hotoku, Hotoku Kaikan, you will visit adjacent Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine to pay your respects and enjoy a stroll around its grounds. This shrine is dedicated to Sontoku (Kinjiro) Ninomiya, an eminent local figure who helped many Edo Era farming communities to recover from crop failures and famine. The statue in its grounds of the young Kinjiro Ninomiya reading a book while carrying a load of firewood on his back evokes feelings of nostalgia in many visitors.

Odawara Art Foundation Enoura Observatory

  • Enoura Observatory was created by the world-famous contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto as a facility to promote arts and culture. Located in spacious grounds, the complex includes a glass-walled gallery wing and an optical glass stage. Its extensive collection includes artifacts dating back more than a thousand years. You can take in the view of Sagami Bay while listening to the guided tour. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy magnificent works of art and superb scenery, experienced amidst the fresh sea breeze.

Depart Odawara Station.

  • [Lunch] onboard the train

Lunch prepared by Takashi Yoda of Il mare

  • Il mare takes pride in its fresh seafood sourced from Odawara fishing harbor, which is located right in front of the restaurant.
    It serves Italian cuisine created with Odawara produce.

  • Takashi Yoda Il mare,
    Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture

Arrive at Ueno Station.

Farewell party will be held in “Prologue SHIKI-SHIMA” after arrival at Ueno Station.
Enjoy the company of the train crew and your fellow travelers one final time, while reflecting on a wonderful time spent aboard TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA.
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