Lounge Komorebi

[Car 5]

With striking wall patterns evoking images of a tranquil forest,
Lounge Komorebi is a gateway into an awe-inspiring environment on TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA.
The lounge is furnished in beautiful crafts and pieces of artwork from each region of eastern Japan,
traditions that have been passed down through generations and ages.
The rediscovery of such Japanese design culture in a setting where guests gather provides an opportunity to chat to fellow travelers and spend some time together.

Floor layout

Tree-themed lounge

This truly elegant lounge evokes an image of tree branches stretching up into the sky.
The light pouring in from the windows suggest the lounge’s name, komorebi or rays of sunshine filtering through the branches of a tree, in addition to moonlit landscapes passing by at night.
By taking just one step into the main entrance, guests are sure to anticipate a wonderful trip.

Enchanting atmosphere of fireplace and piano music

Relax besides a cozy fireplace, while succumbing to piano music.
While enjoying a moment of quiet relaxation or talking to fellow travelers, the lovely sounds of the piano along with the views from the window create the most leisurely of times.

Drink services

  • Apart from stopovers for sightseeing, train crew members are on standby at the bar on a 24-hour basis.
    Guests can enjoy a drink or a light meal whenever they fancy it.
    * Lounge Komorebi is closed from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM for cleaning and disinfecting.
    Try an original cocktail or some other beverage, while relaxing after a meal.
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