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Official Name and Interior Design Decided for "Super Green Car" (Provisional Name) on New High–Speed Shinkansen Train (E5 Series)

East Japan Railway Company

May 11, 2010

The new high–speed Shinkansen train (E5 Series) begins commercial operation in March 2011 between Tokyo and Shin–Aomori on the Tohoku Shinkansen line.

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) announced in April 2008 that it would be introducing a first class "Super Green Car" (provisional name), a first for any Shinkansen in Japan, on the E5 trains that are to begin service. The official name, interior design and other details of the first class car have now been decided.

The first class car will offer a high–class and roomy transportation space and service unprecedented in the railroad world.



Official name


Derivation of name

    The name combines "gran" (French for "grand") with the English word "class." Roominess and comfort, in addition to luxury, are major characteristics of the car. The name "Gran Clase" is used for some of Europe’s high–end rail cars.


Interior and seats (see below for more details.)


Design concept

    "Exclusive Dream: A Special Travel Moment for You"


    Materials pleasing to the touch and lighting easy on the eyes combine to create a high–quality refined space.


    The wide seat pitch and three seats per row provide roomy and comfortable seating.
    The novel design of the back shell–type seat creates a sense of privacy.




"GranClass" Interior and Seats


Design concept

    Taking as keyword the phrase, "Exclusive Dream: A Special Travel Moment for You," East Japan Railway Company (JR East) has designed a high–quality refined interior space that goes beyond the ordinary.
Image of “GranClass” Passenger Cabin

Image of “GranClass” Passenger Cabin


Interior design

    The interior features materials pleasing to the touch, including genuine leather and wool, while making effective use of dark wood to create a warm and natural space
    All lighting is from LEDs, and passengers can use the light close at hand in combination with multiple indirect sources to create comfortable lighting that enhances privacy

Seat design

    Seats have a novel back shell–type design never used in a rail car before
    A wide seat pitch and large seat pad provide roomy seating
    The seat back has a large reclining angle, and functions with the seating pad, leg rest and foot rest for comfort
View of GranClass Seats

View of GranClass Seats

A variety of features for comfortable travel

Category "GranClass" Green Car*
Passenger capacity 18 55
Seat pitch [mm] 1,300 1,160
Effective seat width [mm] 520 475
Arm rest width (side/middle) [mm] 94/260 70/140
Partition Yes No
Reading light Position adjustable Position adjustable
Large table [mm] 500×50 (slides front to back) 420×250 (does not slide front to back)
Seat back (reclining angle) Electric (45º) Manual (31º)
Seat pad (slide/tilt) Electric None
Leg rest Electric Electric
Foot rest Electric None
Head rest Moves up and down manually Moves up and down manually
Seating posture operation Back, seat and leg rests work together or can be adjusted individually Back and leg rest can be operated individually
* E5 series mass production prototype


3. Overview of in–car service

    [Service Concept]
    "A Space Just for You (Personal space)"
    "Attention to Detail (A high–quality time for our passengers)"
    "Originality (The character of the Tohoku Shinkansen)"
    In–car service by full–time attendant
      An attendant is on call to meet passengers’ every need.
    Food service
      Bento lunches are available that showcase regional characteristics (e.g., foods from areas along the route) and are prepared according to the season.
    Drink service
      Menu selections will be offered that pay close attention to detail, including ingredients specific to areas along the route.
    Amenity services, etc.
      Amenities include blankets, slippers, eye masks, newspapers and magazines.

4. Planned start of service

    GranClass service will begin in March 2011, at the same time the E5 trains begin service.

5. Other

    Displays of "GranClass" seats and information about services will be announced separately.