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Chiba Station Building to Undergo Major Renovation

East Japan Railway Company

December 8, 2009

For the rebuilding of Chiba Station and the main station building (Perie 1), East Japan Railway Company (JR East) is beginning detailed design and related work, such as removing structures that are in the way.

There will be a certain amount of inconvenience as some shops close in January 2010 and temporary corridors are put in place, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

The station will be moved from its current location on the first floor to an elevated area on the third floor above the tracks, with station amenities laid out to make them easy to find and the station easier to use.

By integrating an attractive commercial area into the station, the station building and "ekinaka" (shopping area within the ticketed area) will help to vitalize the surrounding neighborhood.

We hope our customers will enjoy the completely renewed Chiba Station (approx. 70,000 m2 on seven floors plus basement).

Attachment (Plan Overview) [PDF/298KB]


New station building

The new station area will be raised to the third floor above the railroad tracks, allowing the east and west entrances to be connected on the same floor and creating a comfortable, open concourse where the amenities are easy to find.
The station will also benefit the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, by using LED lighting in the concourse, for example.


Station building and "ekinaka" commercial area

The station building and "ekinaka" will offer an attractive commercial area such as residents and visitors have not previously experienced at Chiba Station.
Other amenities will include a rooftop garden facing station shops, so that customers and local residents can have a relaxing space, and a hall that can be used for local cultural events.
The building will also feature facilities like a day care center to support working parents.



JR East is working closely with the city of Chiba to create a network with the community around the station so we can create an attractive town with the station at its center.


Schedule going forward

   January 2010 : Start related work (close and remove some shops, move some station functions, etc.)
Begin detailed design
  January 2011 : Close station building (Perie 1)
  FY2015 : Open station (scheduled)
  FY2016-17 : Open station building and "ekinaka" (scheduled)
These are current plans, which are subject to change based on further consideration.

Current station
Current station
[Reference: Chiba Station data]
1-chome, Shin-Chiba, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
Passengers getting on and off:
Approx. 210,000/day (FY2008)
Chiba Station opens
Chiba Station built at current location (now in use for 46 years)
Planned building
Planned building