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Tohoku Shinkansen Speed Increase
~Phased speed increase after the extension to Shin-Aomori Station~

East Japan Railway Company

November 6, 2007

As previously announced, in order to improve our services to customers, JR East has been running a high-speed Shinkansen test train, FASTECH360, from FY2005, and will start a limited production of new 320km/h maximum speed Shinkansen railcars prior to full production. The plan for a speed increase on the Tohoku Shinkansen includes necessary ground facility improvements, such as measures to reduce track noise in certain areas.

Outline of the speed increase plan for the Tohoku Shinkansen

  • The section between Omiya and Morioka on the Tohoku Shinkansen will be the first section where speeds will be increased.
  • The new railcars will be used for these higher-speed operations.
  • Increases in commercial operation speeds will be carried out in phases between FY2010 and FY2013.
    Period End of FY2010 End of FY2012 End of FY2013
    Maximum speed Omiya - Utsunomiya
    (current top speed: 240km/h)
    275km/h 275km/h 275km/h
    Utsunomiya - Morioka
    (current top speed: 275km/h)
    300km/h 320km/h 320km/h
    Travel time
    (fastest train between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori)
    Approx. 3 hours 10 minutes Approx. 3 hours 5 minutes
    High-speed trains

    New Hayate 300km/h

    · New Hayate  320km/h
    · New Hayate/Komachi configuration 300km/h
    New Hayate/Komachi configuration 320km/h
  • The number of higher-speed trains operating initially will be two or three Hayate return services per day at the end of FY2010, with speeds increased for all Hayate and Komachi services by the end of FY2013.
  • Specific train schedules will be detailed in the future.