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Expanding the Number of Overseas Locations Selling the Exchange Order for the 'JR EAST PASS'

East Japan Railway Company

May 15, 2007

To assist foreign visitors to Japan, JR East has just signed a contract with the AccesRail company which will allow sales of the 'JR EAST PASS' on major GDS ticketing systems beginning 1 June 2007. From that time on it will be much easier for foreign visitors to obtain the exchange order for the pass since they will be able to use any travel agency or its branches that have a GDS computer terminal, approximately 150,000 locations worldwide.

1. Products

 :  Sale of the exchange voucher for 'JR EAST PASS' and the 'JR EAST PASS SPECIAL' (on sale for a limited period).

2. Starting date

 :  Friday, 1 June 2007

3. GDS systems used 

 :  Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan

‹Sales procedure›

Sales procedure


  1. About AccesRail
    Company  :  AccesRail
    Locations  :  Main office in Montreal; branch offices in London and New York
    Established  :  1998
    Main business  :  Selling tickets for rail companies around the world via GDS networks.
    Stockholders  :  ACP Rail International, Norwegian State Railways, SJ (Swedish Railways)
    Products sold  :  Eurail Pass, ScanRail Pass, BritRail Pass, Fly & Rail Pass, Fjord Pass and individual rail tickets (for Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Flam Railway in Norway and many others)
  2. GDS = Global Distribution System
    The world's most common distribution system in the travel industry for booking tickets and confirming reservations, in particular airline seat reservations.