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Change in Corporate Name of Group Company

East Japan Railway Company
East Japan Kiosk Corp.

April 4, 2007

  • East Japan Kiosk Corp. will change its corporate name to JR East Retail Net Co., Ltd. from July 1, 2007.
  • East Japan Kiosk split from the Railroad Benefit Association (Tetsudo Kosaikai) and established as an independent company 20 years ago. At the time, operations centered on KIOSK station shops, but the ticketed passenger ("Ekinaka") market has changed, and operations are currently comprised of the three main pillars of KIOSK station shops, NEWDAYS convenience stores and specialty shops.
  • NEWDAYS sales are expected to exceed KIOSK sales for fiscal year 2006, and this among other things means that the current corporate name no longer properly represents the company's situation, business operations, or future direction.
  • East Japan Kiosk has positioned the upcoming 20th anniversary of its founding on July 1, 2007 as an opportunity for new developments, and is actively undertaking various reforms to further meet customer needs. As a part of these reforms, the company has decided to change its corporate name to symbolize the change in corporate mentality.

1. Concept behind the New Corporate Name

The new name emphasizes that the company represents the retail business of the JR East Group, and implies a determination to aim for a "new and diverse future expansion" (network) by deploying various shop formats [KIOSK station shops, NEWDAYS convenience stores and specialty shops] throughout the entire Group area.
JR East Retail Net aims to further improve service in the future as a leading company of the JR East Group. In addition to constantly striving for customer convenience and meeting a wide range of railroad user needs, this means valuing our customers, and always greeting them with a smile of appreciation.

2. Date of Change

July 1, 2007

The KIOSK station shop, NEWDAYS convenience store and specialty shop brand names will continue to be used. However, the Japanese Katakana spelling of KIOSK will be changed to better reflect the English spelling and pronunciation.

3. Items Scheduled for Implementation in Conjunction with the Corporate Name Change

New business philosophy and an action plan have been created along with the corporate name change.

In addition, various customer "thanks projects" will be carried out, including the distribution of commemorative presents bearing the new corporate name, the sale of commemorative products, and other commemorative sales, etc.

New KIOSK and NEWDAYS uniforms will also debut in October this year.

4. Website Address Change

In conjunction with this corporate name change, the website URL will also change as follows:


(Current URL: http://www.ej-kiosk.jregroup.ne.jp)

New Corporate Logo

The logo concept is "challenge to change," and the logo uses the images of a seed sprouting and starting to grow, and bursting free from the loop of the seed to represent challenge and breakthrough (overcoming difficulty).

The shortened form of the corporate name is "J-Retail", and warm colors have been adopted as the corporate colors to cheer customers as well as employees.

"Challenge to change" represents the challenge of each employee to meet the needs of the times and satisfy customers.

Change in Share of Sales by Business Type

Change in Share of Sales by Business Type