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Grand Opening of the JR Shinagawa East Building in March 2004

East Japan Railway Company

October 7, 2003

The JR Shinagawa East Building, located in the East entrance area of Shinagawa Station which is a new urban business center for the 21st century, celebrated its grand opening in March 2004. Having already benefited from the new Tokaido Shinkansen Shinagawa Station and large-scale urban renewal projects, Shinagawa has developed into a major business district. The new station building incorporates a harmonious mix of offices and stores at the East entrance of Shinagawa Station.
The new building is managed by EKIBIRU Development Co. TOKYO which already manages office buildings in such places as Ebisu and Meguro and has developed shopping centers under the name of "atré" in Ebisu, Oimachi, and other areas.

The new building is located in an appealing area, facing the East entrance to the Shinagawa Station East-West passageway that leads directly to the ticket gates for both the Shinkansen and other JR lines.

The "atré Shinagawa" shopping center has been opened on the lower floors (2nd — 4th) of the new building. A sophisticated environmental design and variety of stores in the style of New York symbolize the new "front gate"to international metropolitan Tokyo.

The upper floors (5th — 20th) provide high-grade office space, with each floor offering about 1,700 m² of rental space. This building has the latest integrated facilities, with a fully functioning IT network and JR East's "Suica" IC Card adopted for entrance and exit control.

A taxi stand is provided on the first floor, while a green space has been assigned on the 5th floor, above the "atré Shinagawa" shopping center, to provide a feeling of peace and relaxation in the area.


•  Name  :  JR Shinagawa East Building
•  Address  :  2-18-1 Minato Minami, Minato-ku, Tokyo
•  Plot area  :  6,145 m²
•  Construction and size  :  Steel-reinforced concrete, 3 floors underground, 20 floors above ground
•  Height  :  99.8 m
•  Total floor area  :  62,740 m²
  ·Office zone (5th — 20th floors)  :  approx. 43,000 m²
  ·Shopping zone (2nd — 4th floors)  :  approx. 12,300 m²
  ·Parking lot (1st — 3rd floors underground)  :  approx. 7,440 m² (space for 162 vehicles)
•  Management  :  EKIBIRU Development Co. TOKYO (a wholly-owned subsidiary of JR East)
•  Completed  :  February 26 (Thursday), 2004
•  Opened  :  March 3 (Wednesday), 2004
Artist’s rendering of the East-West passageway
Artist’s rendering of the East-West passageway
  Exterior view of the East side of JR Shinagawa East Buildin
Exterior view of the East side of JR Shinagawa East Building
Location map
Location map

Features of the "atré Shinagawa" Shopping Center

  • 21 stores apply the themes of sophistication, high quality, and authenticity. The environmental design is according to the New York style, the resulting atmosphere being altogether different from that of a conventional station shopping arcade.
  • The fourth floor is a calm area for relaxation reminiscent of an airport lounge or hotel lobby. The sophisticated mix of stores include the Grand Central Oyster Bar Tokyo, the second branch of the venerable restaurant at New York Grand Central Station. Its sophisticated atmosphere will never go out of fashion, with a high-quality taste and service to entertain guests.
  • The third floor is the luxury food supermarket, Queen's Isetan, offering the finest-quality foods to local residents and employees of nearby offices.
  • The second floor, connected to the East-West passageway, features a good selection of cafes and business support services with the New York street atmosphere.
"atré Shinagawa" Floor Map [PDF/61KB]
Artist’s rendering of the entrance to shops
Artist’s rendering of the entrance to shops
  Artist’s rendering of the Tokyo Branch of Grand Central Oyster Bar
Artist’s rendering of the Tokyo Branch of Grand Central Oyster Bar (Interior of New York Grand Central Oyster Bar)

Features of the Office Zone

  • The second-floor entrance to the offices is directly connected to the ticket gate for the Shinkansen, and the East-West passageway gives direct access to other JR lines and the Keihin Kyuko Line. You can also take a train to either Haneda or Narita Airport without transferring. In every respect, this is an ideal business location.
  • The office space is highly flexible, with 1,700 m² of rental space per floor, and rooms 16 m in depth and 2.8m-high ceilings without pillars.
  • The office space is IT-compatible, and provided with an abundance of intelligent devices. Access to the building is controlled by JR East's Suica IC card. This card allows you to take JR East trains and use it as an ID card when entering and leaving the building.
  • Tenants have already rented 16 entire floors, a total of 27,860 m².
Layout of the building
Layout of the building

The Shop List of atré Shinagawa

Floor Name of stores Floor space (m²) Name of company Industry Features
2 DEAN & DELUCA 409 Dean and Deluca Japan Delicatessen A high-class delicatessen from New York. This is the company's third branch in Japan, but the first to be built in almost the same style as those in New York.
2 Merry Chips 10 Hibiya Kadan Flower shop A casual-style flower shop of the type found on the streets of New York.
2 ju: (pronounced "You") 78 Juchheim Restaurant / cocktail bar With its bright orange and silver themed interior, counter seats are provided for fixed meals, à la carte food and cocktails.
2 SNAPS! 43 Jusphoto Photographic services and printing Photographic and printing services for full range of business needs.
2 Kamakura Minamoto Kitchoan 33 Kamakura Minamoto Kitchoan Tea parlor and traditional Japanese sweets A tea parlor modelled on the branch on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, offering traditional Japanese sweets for every season.
2 Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Central Branch 6 Mizuho Bank ATM Two machines are provided.
2 Champ de Herbe Shinagawa 36 EKIBIRU Development Co. TOKYO Cosmetics and other beauty aids High-quality and sophisticated beauty goods evoking the New York style.
2 Maker's Shirts Kamakura 40 Maker's Shirts Kamakura Men's and women's shirts High-quality shirts from a range of fabrics and buttons.
2 NEW YORK GRAND KITCHEN 301 Create Restaurants Meals and sandwiches Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and takeout sandwiches with a pub-style bar.
3 QUEEN'S ISETAN 2095 Queen's Isetan Full-service food supermarket An abundance of fresh fruit, fresh fish, fresh meat, delicatessen items, other foods and in-shop bakery.
4 MANHATTAN GRILL 237 Tatsumi Shoji Restaurant Internationally popular fusion cuisine from the Four Seasons Hotel in Bali which combines the best of Asian and Western cooking.
4 MONDE BAR 103 Mita Marine Bar A branch of the authentic "Monde" bar that has been operating in Ginza for 18 years.
4 the ZEN 142 Granada Restaurant and bar Creative small-plate dishes served with a variety of shochu brands.
4 Tsubame KITCHEN 122 Tsubame Restaurant A Western-style restaurant offering healthy food, using ingredients from the prime growing regions and the most careful producers.
4 TRANSFER 261 Nomura Development General merchandise and café A general merchandise shop selling cigarettes and magazines with a café that evokes the atmosphere of airports and subways of New York.
4 RUBY CAFÉ 63 Fairness Creation Restaurant and wine bar Several dozen types of wine are available by the glass in this casual Italian restaurant. The restaurant uses the patented "Why Not" wine saver.
4 Natural body LUXURY 28 Natural Body Beauty salon and spa A salon offering relaxing health and beauty services for the mind and body.
4 NAIL STATION Very 28 Bellex Nail salon Aimed at office workers and housewives between the ages of 25 and 35, this is the first upscale salon to supplement 23 Nail Stations with 6,000 memberships.
4 BOBOS by QUEEN ALICE 301 Sanrio Wave Restaurant An American-style restaurant under the guidance of Chef Ishinabe. It's a new venture for Queen Alice restaurant. Customers can enjoy the grand piano performance.
4 "GRAND CENTRAL OYSTER BAR &RESTAURANT" 480 WDI Oyster bar and restaurant The first overseas branch of the famous Oyster Bar from New York's Grand Central Station.
4 TRIBECA 320 CrossPatio Restaurant with live jazz Authentic live jazz and fine dining to reproduce the ambience of New York's Tribeca district.