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Construction Starts on Principal Phase of Chiba Station and Station Building Redevelopment Project

East Japan Railway Company

September 6, 2011

The work on the redevelopment of Chiba Station and the main station building (Perie 1) has been focused on related processes such as detail design and demolition of obstructions until now. We are now at last about to embark on the principal construction phase.

The aim of the project is to relocate and reconfigure station facilities and to develop the retail complex as an integral component of the station site. When work is complete, we will have a completely new terminal station that will be easy to navigate, pleasant to be in, and fit to serve as the main gateway to our city.

Construction work will necessitate ongoing relocation of pedestrian passageways, shop closures, and other inconveniences. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as the project proceeds.

1. Project Outline

1) Station

By rebuilding the station as a bridge-type structure with the concourse relocated to three floors above the train tracks, we will improve safety, create a more pleasant ambience, facilitate circulation, and give Chiba City a completely new face.

[A Safe, Worry-Free Station]

Reconstruction of the station and station buildings will make the whole structure more earthquake-proof and the supporting columns of the elevated bridges will be reinforced, resulting in a safer, worry-free station.

[A Pleasant, Easy-to-Navigate Station]

The station will have a more open feeling, with wider pedestrian passageways and higher ceilings. By connecting the East and West Entrances on a single level we will improve the look of the main concourse and create a new, easy-to-navigate station where it is simple to get on and off or change trains.

[A Convenient Station, Integrated with its Neighborhood]

To help create an appealing, well-networked urban environment, we are cooperating with Chiba City to construct the building so that it forms a three-level north-south pedestrian passageway connecting the station with the Benten district to the north. Linking the building to the Chiba Urban Monorail will also help create a more convenient transportation hub.

2) Station Building and Retail Complex

We will build attractive commercial facilities that communicate the special appeal of Chiba Prefecture and can not only be used by everyone in the region as part of their daily routine, but also enjoyed by a wide range of visitors.

[A Station that Reflects the Best of Chiba Prefecture]

We are working hard to promote direct sales of local produce and install a wide range of information facilities to improve awareness of Chiba’s special appeal as a region with superb natural resources and outstanding sports facilities.

[A Station that Draws Local People Together]

We will install a rooftop garden where local people can come together to relax as part of their daily routine. We will also build an auditorium for cultural exchange, childcare-support facilities (including a kindergarten) to help families, and medical facilities.

[An Appealing, Enjoyable Station]

By providing a comprehensive range of facilities catering to a wide variety of needs, from the highly sophisticated to the everyday, we are aiming for an attractive station building and retail complex that will satisfy not only our existing customers but also people who previously did their shopping at city-center and suburban shopping facilities, as well as visitors from outside Chiba Prefecture.

3) Concern for the Environment

We will build a facility that embodies our concern for the global environment, saving electricity by installing LED lighting throughout the station, station building, and retail complex; using natural energy from solar panels; and other measures.

For details, please refer to the following attachment.
Attachment 1 [PDF/1.4MB]
Attachment 2 [PDF/356KB]

2. Incorporating the Benefits of Technical Development

Because the redevelopment of Chiba Station and the station buildings involves building a large-scale structure in the space above the train tracks, we anticipate that the construction period will be prolonged, for the following reasons:

  • The diameter of the foundation piles will be so large that they will need to be installed by hand, instead of mechanically.
  • It will be necessary to work at night in locations close to the tracks and confined spaces such as platforms.

To help overcome these problems, we are developing the following new techniques in collaboration with the construction companies:

  • "Pile-Driving Method for Locations Using Both Core Walls and Protective Walls" (provisional name)
  • "Pile-Driving Method for Locations with Ultra-Low Clearance" (provisional name)
    During the project we plan to introduce these techniques in order to shorten the construction period while ensuring safe working conditions.
For details, please refer to the following attachment.
Attachment 3 [PDF/94KB]

3. Outline of Facilities and Other Details

Location Shin-Chiba 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Chiba City   (For comparison) Existing Station and Station Building ("Perie 1")
Total Floor Space 70,000m2 approx.   27,000m2 approx.
Number of Floors 7 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground   6 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground
Principal Uses Station Facilities and Concourse (16,000m2 approx.)
Retail Complex (approx. 8,000m2)
Station Building (approx. 46,000m2)
  Station Facilities and Concourse (approx. 10,000m2)
In-Station Shops (approx. 2,000m2)
Station Building (approx. 15,000m2)
Bird’s-Eye View of the Entire Project (Artist’s Impression)   Main Entrance (Artist’s Impression)

Bird’s-Eye View of the Entire Project
(Artist’s Impression)


Main Entrance
(Artist’s Impression)

*These artist’s impressions reflect the construction plan,
which may change over time.

East Japan Railway Company

Chiba Station Building, Inc. (Management of Commercial Facilities)

[Provisional Schedule]
October 2011 Main construction work begins
(related construction work completed in January 2010)
Around Summer 2016 New station opens; retail complex opens but part still under construction
Around Spring 2017 Rest of retail complex opens; station building opens but part still under construction
By Spring 2018 Rest of station building opens
* This is the current schedule; it may change in the future as circumstances dictate.