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Technical Review

JR EAST Technical Review No.19-Spring 2011

We published this JR East Technical Review to provide information of our R&D. We expect more people be informed about the characteristics of our R&D, and thereby to encourage people to suggest how the progress can be made if new technologies are applied at our R&D efforts.
Special feature article
Positive Trust and Negative Trust

Kazuya Nakayachi
Professor, Doshisha University Faculty of Psychology
Interpretive article
Efforts of the Disaster Prevention Research Laboratory

Hiroyuki Morishima
Deputy Director, Disaster Prevention Research Laboratory, Research and Development Center of JR East Group
The Latest Research on Human Factors at the Safety Research Laboratory

Shin-ichi Aonuma
Manager (Human Factors), Safety Research Laboratory, Research and Development Center of JR East Group
Special edition paper
A Consideration of Safety Measures Taking into Account Social Values

Fumiaki Inutsuka
Research on Methods of Human Resource Development Related to Improving Safety Abilities

Akio Oishi,Jun Nakahara,
Kunimichi Yamamoto, Hisako Toi,
Hiromi Shizuyama, Akihisa Endo and
Shin-ichi Aonuma
Research on Methods to Monitor Soundness of the Organization

Takuji Honzawa, Akinori Komatsubara,
Akira Nomura,Jun Onodera and
Shin-ichi Aonuma
Development of a Train Control System for Regional Lines

Osamu Anzai, Jun Yagi,
Tetsuya Ishikawa,Hiroyuki Ishise,
Noriyuki Kurosaki, Ken Murayama
and Atsushi Sasaki
Study of New Methods for Train Operation Control in Strong Winds

Yu Hibino,Yayoi Misu,
Tomoaki Kurihara,Atsushi Moriyama and
Makoto Shimamura
Research on the Use of Doppler Radar in Railways

Ken-ichiro Arai,Keiji Adachi and
Hiroyuki Morishima
Development of a Method for Estimation of Volume of Snowmelt from Snowpack

Asako Tokari and Hiroyuki Morishima
Development of Continuous Measurement Equipment for Angle of Attack and Results of Measurements

Akinobu Kataori, Ken-ichi Doi,
Hitoshi Iijima, Shuji Momosaki and
Kenji Horioka
Development of a Detector of Foreign Objects Caught in the Doors with Improved Function for Preventing Passenger Dragging Accidents (2)

Yoshikatsu Kurihara,
Katsuyuki Muraki,Tomoki Wada,
Kenichi Doi and Kenji Horioka
Improvement of Track Work Units and Portable Units for the Shinkansen Maintenance Work Safety System

Atsushi Sasaki, Takeshi Kato and
Jun Tabuchi
Development of an Alarm Device for Wrong Mounting of a Road-Rail Vehicle

Noriyuki Kurosaki, Hiroyuki Ishise
and Atsushi Sasaki
Development and Testing of a Post-work Checking Support System

TaSkeshi Kato, Yuya Takeyama and
Atsushi Sasaki