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JR EAST Technical Review No.5-Winter 2005

We published this JR East Technical Review to provide information of our R&D. We expect more people be informed about the characteristics of our R&D, and thereby to encourage people to suggest how the progress can be made if new technologies are applied at our R&D efforts.
CONTENTS [Technical Innovation for Commuting Trains]
Special feature article
Making Commuter Trains More Appealing as a "Method of Transportation"
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Research The University of Tokyo (Department of Civil Engineering)

Hitoshi Ieda
Towards Realization of a Next Generation Commuter Train System
Director, Advanced Railway System Development Center Research and Development Center of JR East Group

Minoru Ogasawara
Interpretive article
History of JR East Commuter Trains

Hiroshi Nomoto
Special edition paper
Development of Train Bogies that Support the Articulated Structure(Development and Results of Tests on the Four Point Spring Suspension type system Bogie and Two Point Spring Suspension type system Bogie)

Ryohei Shimamune and Jun Moriyama
Innovations in Drive Motors(Summary of the Development of a Direct Drive Main Motor System)

Koji Yoshida and Kokichi Shimizu
CONTENTS [Toward Higher Safety]
Special feature article
Things that Need to be Changed
Things that Must Not be Changed

Professor of Kogakuin University; Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo

Yotaro Hatamura
Interpretive article
Introduction of Research and Development Approach on Safety Issues

Koichi Kawano
Special edition paper
Development of the Strategic Reliability Evaluation Method for the Entire Railway System

Fumiaki Inuzuka, Hiroshi Fukuyama and Keisuke Kozai
Research on Method of Human Error Analysis using 4M4E

Takeshi Chiba, Shinichi Aonuma, and Takeshi Kusugami
Special feature article
Back to Basics and Renewing Safety Strategies
Director, Transport Safety Dept, East Japan Railway Company

Minoru Arai
We are looking forward for many suggestions and advices. If you have any further questions about the JR East Technical Review, please feel free to contact us.
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