View Terrace Kizashi / Ibuki

[Car 1, 10]

The first and last carriages are observation cars.
They are lined with special contoured windows, which provide for the ultimate viewing experience of all the passing scenery.

Floor layout

Windows resembling scattered lights

The white walls and windows resemble scattered lights, expressing strides toward the future, while the carpets are reminiscent of moss.

Constantly changing scenery

  • A journey through eastern Japan's diverse scenery brings with it breathtaking views of forests, fields and coastlines.
    Enjoying the changing views with the passage of time during different seasons is the true attraction of a trip on TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA.

Handwoven carpets

All carpets are handwoven in Yamagata Prefecture.
Enjoy the amazing textures.
The motif on all carpets in observation cars is moss, while for lounges and guest rooms it is rays of sunshine filtering through the branches of a tree and the sea, respectively.

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