Deluxe Suite Room

[Car 7]

In the evening, the fantastic glow of the fireplace illuminates the room with a lofty ceiling effect.
Experience the ultimate in luxury and elegance.

Floor layout

Art in motion

A design combining traditional Japanese patterns and wood with Japanese washi paper, lacquers and stones for a sophisticated atmosphere that is classical yet also modern.
Traditional crafts and pieces of artwork from eastern Japan are also applied to interior furniture and fittings. This warm craftsmanship brings about a peace of mind, making one feel completely relaxed.

Elegant and open space

  • An elegant and open space is provided by the high ceiling and fireplace.
    Large windows allow one to enjoy the views available to your heart’s content.
    Relax on the sofa to enjoy some downtime.
  • Fireplace

Specially-made cypress bath

Relax in this specially-made cypress bath at nighttime.
The fragrance of cypress will relieve any fatigue from the body.

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