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"Seasons of Eastern Japan" Trip

In addition to our 4-Day/3-Night Trip(Spring-Autumn), a 2-Day/1-Night Trip(spring-autumn) and a 3-Day/2-Night Trip(winter), you can enjoy the unique seasonal culture of the East Japan area on our special "Seasons of Eastern Japan" trips.

3-Day/2-Night Early Spring Trip

A special journey showcasing the spectacular beauty that can only be seen in Japan's early spring.
In addition to admiring the ume (Japanese apricot) flower, a harbinger of early spring, in Yugawara or Kairakuen, you can enjoy flower arranging in Karuizawa with top flower box creator Nicolai Bergmann. Every stop on your journey offers incredible experiences that are only possible in early spring.
You'll also have the opportunity to see Red and White Plum Blossoms, a work that is designated as a National Treasure, at the MOA Museum of Art. In addition to the views of canola fields and the sunset from Train Suite Shiki-shima, you'll be able to take in a spectacular view of the Jomo-Sanzan mountains, particularly Mt. Haruna and Mt. Myogi, from a steam locomotive.
*Areas visited vary depending on the date of your trip.

3-Day/2-Night Summer Trip

These three-day seasonal journeys included such attractions as "Yama Buttsuke" (clashing of festival floats) at Kakunodate-matsuri, which is listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage; a traditional local Tanabata festival event called "Tenku-no-Fuyajou" that has been passed down through generations; the Echigo "Ushi no Tsunotsuki" (bullfighting) that has been designated an important intangible folk cultural asset of Japan and has been carried out since olden times in districts such as Yamakoshi and Ojiya in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture; and visits to Narai-juku, the post town that flourished on the Kisoji section of the Nakasendo, and Murakami with its lovely black-walled townspaces.

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