Yamagata produces 70% of Japan’s cherries, and the people live in harmony with the beautiful mountains counted among the 100 most famous in Japan, and beautiful nature including the Mogami River, in this “other Japan”.
As Matsuo Basho who traveled the "Oku no Hosomichi" reached for Dewa Sanzan, Yamagata has been honored as a place of spiritual culture since ancient times.
Yamagata is divided into Murayama, Mogami, Okitama (Oitama) and Shonai, and the culture such as dialect and food differs little by little due to the geography and the remnants of the Edo period's feudal system.

Spring in Yamagata


A thousand cherry trees at Eboshiyama Park

Included in Japan’s top one hundred cherry blossom sites, Eboshiyama Park is on a plateau overlooking the glittering snowcaps of the Azuma and Iide-Asahi mountain ranges. The splendor of nearly a thousand weeping and Yoshino cherries in bloom—some more than a hundred years old—is truly a sight to behold.

Summer in Yamagata


Cedar-lined path at Mt. Haguro

This picturesque spot has been awarded three stars by the Michelin Green Guide. Here, Japanese cedars 350–500 years old line both sides of a stone pathway of 2,446 steps. You can even climb the steps wearing traditional all-white pilgrims’ garb.

Fall in Yamgata


Boating down the Mogami River

Surrender to flow of the Mogami River as the delightful sounds of a singing boatman expertly guide you through magnificent natural surroundings. These boats are the perfect way to take in the gorgeous colors of the area’s autumn leaves.

Winter in Yamagata


Frost-covered trees in Zao (Snow monster)

The frost-covered trees of the Zao Mountains are one of Mother Nature’s most stunning artistic achievements, a product of the area’s distinctive climate and foliage. During certain times, visitors can enjoy the truly magical sight of the trees illuminated by special lighting against the black mountain sky.

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