Miyagi Prefecture is the center of the Tohoku region, home to the ordinance-designated city of Sendai, with a population of approx. 2,330,000.
In the east, Miyagi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean, where there are rich fishing grounds and scenic sightseeing sites including Matsushima, one of Japan's three most beautiful sights. In the west, mountains such as Zao, Funagata, and Kurikoma are linked and appear different in each season. In the center of the Prefecture is the Sendai Plain, one of Japan’s largest grain-producing regions.
Miyagi Prefecture is blessed with high-quality tourism resources that are some of the best in Japan, such as a harmony of natural scenery with sea, mountains, rivers, and plains, historic cultural heritage, and traditional festivals and events.


Spring in Miyagi


Mt. Tokusenjo

With its clusters of some 500,000 rhododendrons and Japanese azaleas at an elevation of 711 meters, Mt. Tokusenjo is renowned as one of Japan’s largest sites for viewing these flowers, which blanket the entire mountainside in shades of vermillion.
From its peak, visitors can get a stunning 360º view of Sanriku as the flowers and songs of wild birds soothe the soul.

Summer in Miyagi


Sea kayaking

Miyagi’s fascinating jagged coastline makes it the perfect spot for a sea kayaking adventure. Paddle up to the rocky stretches to observe small sea creatures or just bask in the delight of being out on the water. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of gliding along the water with the fresh sea breezes in your hair.

Fall in Miyagi


Mt. Kurikoma

Standing at an elevation of 1,626 meters, Mt. Kurikoma is particularly breathtaking clothed in the vivid reds and yellows of autumn leaves. Many come here to go trekking or simply take in the sights amidst nature’s splendor. Visit Mt. Kurikoma during the fall months for an autumn experience you’ll never forget.

Winter in Miyagi


Naruko Onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village

Naruko Onsen-kyo is a collection of five hot spring sites: Naruko Onsen, Higashi-Naruko Onsen, Kawatabi Onsen, Nakayamadaira Onsen, and Onikobe Onsen.
With some 370 hot springs containing nine of the eleven types of water under Japan’s old hot spring classification system, the area is rare for its impressive variety—even in a country known for its extensive hot springs.

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