General Position

General Position
Those who will have graduated or completed the curriculum of a school as described below between April 2024 and March 2025, or have graduated or completed between April 2021 and March 2024.

(1) Graduate school (including doctorial courses) or university
(2) Technical college
Number to be hired
About 80
How to apply

Go to the new graduate recruitment page on the JR East website for pre-entry registration. Then go to “My Page” to register your entry sheet and take the aptitude test. Screening conducted based on the submitted materials and test results, and successful applicants will receive a contact for an interview.

<Entry deadline>
1st deadline:March 12, 2024
2nd deadline:April 2, 2024
3rd deadline:May 9, 2024
Hire date
April 1, 2025

* For those who came to Japan to study at a university or graduate school or studied in a university or graduate school outside Japan, and those who will not graduate in March 2025, it is also possible to join the company other than April 1, 2025.