Train Vert is the JR East Shinkansen travel magazine, which introduces aspects of the culinary culture and natural environment of East Japan. "Train Vert" means "green train" in French.

This month's Train Vert

Invitation to strange adventure with Hiroshi Aramata’s team, investigating ghosts and monsters

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A paleontologist, an art critic and an academic specializing in monsters from Japanese folklore form an investigation team, led by naturalist Hiroshi Aramata. In eastern Japan, they embark on a tour of mysteries befitting Japan's new Reiwa era—scary, strange, intellectually curious. They also visit ghostly sites and see paintings of ghosts and monsters witnessed, captured, and sometimes even eaten during the Edo period, always chasing mystery.



A journey of mysteries, Aramata-style


Capture monsters! Meet ghosts. The investigating team can't believe their eyes.


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Train Vert magazine has pages offering sightseeing information to tourists from overseas. Please be sure to check out this section in the second half of the magazine.