Train Vert is the JR East Shinkansen travel magazine, which introduces aspects of the culinary culture and natural environment of East Japan. "Train Vert" means "green train" in French.

This month's Train Vert

Head away on Friday’s last train! Travel in the morning and enjoy making Hokuriku yours

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Why not head away on your way home on Friday, after finishing work for the week? The Shinkansen from Tokyo Station only takes 2.5 hours or 3 hours, so you can arrive at your desired destination that night. Enjoy a different kind of weekend trip—take part in early-morning events, go on tours, and get a taste of monopolizing the sights when almost no-one else is around. Here, we introduce some trips to make the most of the Hokuriku region of central Japan.



Bask in the deep silence of dawn at Kenroku-en garden (Ishikawa Prefecture)


Luxurious breakfast of fresh (or kittokito, in the local dialect) fish (Toyama Prefecture)


Take part in morning prayers at majestic Eiheiji Temple (Fukui Prefecture)


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