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Akita and Iwate. Strange stories told by mountain folks.

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The book Sankai, a collection of mysterious stories occurring in the mountains that has been called a contemporary version of Tono Monogatari (a book of collected folk tales of the Tono region released about 100 years ago), has caused quite a stir. It contains many episodes gathered from interviews in the Ani district of Kita-Akita City, Akita Prefecture, in the northern part of Honshu facing the Sea of Japan. On the other hand, Iwate Prefecture is home to the works written by Kenji Miyazawa, who incorporated the culture of mountain areas into his mysterious stories, and is also where Tono Monogatari was born. Guided by these tales, enjoy some verdant, refreshing seasonal mountain walks.



The village of the matagi. A Sankai journey in Ani.


Mysterious mountain tales, told by Tono Monogatari and the works of Kenji


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