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Chiba, Ibaraki. Roaming the earth for adventure!

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A current hot topic of discussion in Japan is the possibility that the name of Chiba, an area in Japan, may gain a higher profile with the registration of the "Chibanian” geological age. One candidate site for the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) in the field of geology is located in Tabuchi, in the city of Ichihara in Chiba Prefecture, situated in the southeast of the Kanto region. In this special feature, together with experts we visited the Chiba Section where this 770,000-year-old stratum is exposed, and also explored neighboring geological sights as a geology-based tourism program. *Information about the Chibanian age is as of December 2018.



Time trip: Chibanian


The Chibanian era: elephants, rhinoceroses, and pandas too!?


Journey to uncover fossils! The days of the dinosaurs in Chiba and Ibaraki.


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