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Area Guide

  • Nagano
    Zenko-ji temple
    Zenko-ji temple

    This ancient temple was built in at around 1400AD.The main hall is nationally considered to be the greatest national treasure. Worshipers come from all over Japan to visit the temple.

  • Obasute
    Obasute Station
    What is a "Switch-back"?

    The Zenkoji-daira scenery, known as one of Japan's 3 great views, as well as the now uncommon "Switch-back" can be appreciated here.

  • Matsumoto
    National Treasure
    Matsumoto Castle
    Matsumoto Castle

    Of the current 5 level Tenshus(main keeps) in Japan, this is the oldest castle and national treasure. The black and white exterior contrasts perfectly with the majestic peaks of the Northern Alps.

    The Saigawa River and the
    Northern Alps
    Northern Alps

    The confluence of the Azusagawa river and the Naraigawa river is near Azumino, where they form the Saigawa river and views of the Northern Alps can be seen from the carriage.

  • Hotaka
    Hotaka Shrine
    Hotaka Shrine

    While at Hotaka Station, a shrine maiden or local volunteer guide will take you on a visit of the Hotaka Shrine.

  • Hosono
    Northern Alps Ushiro-Tateyama
    Mountain Range
    Northern Alps Ushiro-Tateyama Mountain Range

    Connecting the Kurobe Valley with the Northern Alps to the east, places along the Ōito Line are linked including. Hari-no-ki-dake, Ji-ga-take, Kashimayari-ga-take, Goryu-dake, Karamatsu-dake and Shirouma-dake.

  • Shinano-Omachi
    Shinano-Ōmachi Station
    Shinano-Omachi Station

    There is "photo area" for taking souvenir photographs against backgrounds including the Northern Alps or the Kurobe dam tunnel while wearing costumes.

  • Uminokuchi
    Nishina-Sanko (3 lakes)
    Nishina-Sanko (3 lakes)

    Lake Kizaki, Lake Nakatsuna and Lake Aoki collective known as the Nishina-Sanko (3 lakes),each have their own natural beauty.

  • Hakuba
    Shirouma-Sanzan (3mountains)
    Shirouma-Sanzan (3mountains)

    The northern part of Ushiro-Tateyama range consists of Hakuba-Yari-ga-take in the south to Shakushi-dake and the 2932m high Shirouma-dake and looks over Minami-Otari from Hakuba.

    Hakuba Jumps Stadium
    Hakuba Jumps Stadium

    The Hakuba Jumps Stadium was used as a venue for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. A lift can be ridden up to the stadium for sightseeing when there are no scheduled competitions.

    The bridge across
    Himekawa river
    Shirouma-Sanzan (3mountains)

    Himekawa river, which flows to the Japan Sea is known for its water quality and as a source of jade, and the 2nd Himekawa bridge is a quaint bridge built in 1935.

Zenko-ji temple Obasute Station What is a "Switch-back"? National Treasure Matsumoto Castle The Saigawa River and the Northern Alps Hotaka Shrine Northern Alps Ushiro-Tateyama Mountain Range Shinano-Omachi Station Platform Nishina-Sanko(3 lakes) Shirouma-Sanzan(3 mountains) Hakuba Jumps Stadium The bridge across Himekawa river