Shopping with Suica! Enjoy shopping with Suica! It’s easy to shop with no need for cash

How to use

Suica-convenient for shopping in a variety of situations

How to recharge

Recharge at a ticket vending machine!

  • 1 Insert Suica into a ticket vending machine
  • 2 Select Charge
  • 3 Select the amount
  • 4 Insert the selected amount of money into the ticket vending machine
  • 5 Charging completed

Recharge in a store!

  • 1 I would like to charge my Suica with ○○○○ yen
  • 2 Give the money to the cashier
  • 3 Touch firmly until the Beep!
  • 4 Charging completed

Stores where you can use and recharge Suica

You can recharge your Suica with cash at the following stores where Suica is accepted.

  • NewDays
  • Daily Yamazaki
  • Family Mart
  • AEON
  • Kojima
  • Sofmap
  • Seven Bank
  • kusuri no fukutaro
  • kusuri no fukutaro
  • Etc.
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