Winter – Have Fun in the Snow

Fun little facts about snow

Playing in the Snow

Here we'll talk about some different ways you can have some fun in the snow.

Snow fights! Snow fights!

Kamakura Kamakura

Snow Fights!
Grab some snow, pack it together and launch it as fast as you can! Having a snow fight is one of the great pastimes for kids who live in snowy areas. A set of official rules has been developed for snow fights in Japan, and is now an international sport with contests both in Japan and other countries.

Kamakura is a traditional ritual held during the lunar New Year (around January 15 to 20) in Japan's snowier regions, including Akita Prefecture. Generally speaking, the word "kamakura" is used to denote not only the ceremony, but also the igloo-like structures built for the ceremony. The snow is piled high and then hollowed out, a fun activity for children. The inside is warm, so adults also enjoy passing time in them, sometimes drinking alcohol.
Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival – Akita Prefecture Lake Towada Winter Story – Aomori Prefecture

Sledding Sledding

Skiing and snowboarding Skiing and snowboarding

Sledding in the snow is a time-honored tradition. Wherever you have a slope and some snow — even a ski slope — get on and go! Easy even for beginners, it's a great activity for parents and children to enjoy together.
GALA Yuzawa – Niigata Prefecture

Skiing and Snowboarding
With the excellent snow quality and abundant snowfall, Eastern Japan has a rich variety of ski resorts to choose from. Choose between traditional skiing with a pair of skis and poles, or snowboarding on a single piece of equipment. Japan's ski resorts are popular for skiing or snowboarding among both Japanese and international visitors.
GALA Yuzawa – Niigata Prefecture

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Some Tips for Snow Fun

What sort of clothes should I wear?

Just about all snow events take place outside, and you may be walking for some time. Ensure you have adequate clothing to keep out the cold. Hats, earmuffs, a scarf and gloves all help to keep the cold at bay as well.





What kind of shoes should I wear?

When the ground is frozen or covered with snow, it is easy to slip and fall. Make sure you have shoes with traction on the soles to provide better footing. Boots and waterproof footwear are excellent choices.

What else should I do to prepare?

A disposable hand warmerA disposable hand warmer

It's a great idea to bring some hand warmers. They generally come in sturdy, pocket-sized packs that contain safe chemicals for providing warmth. Usually, they work by removing the outer packaging and then squeezing to activate. They can last for nearly 24 hours. They warm up to just above body temperature. Put your hand warmer in your trouser pocket or jacket pocket for a pleasant warm feeling. These hand warmers are inexpensive and can be found for sale at the kiosks in train stations, convenience stores and drug stores.