Spring-Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing

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SpringEnjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing

Throughout Japan, spring is the time for a custom known as hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, which involves passing the time under or near cherry blossom trees to appreciate their beauty while picnicking and enjoying sake. The mild temperatures just after winter has given way to spring make this the most comfortable season of the year. In Japan, there are a huge number of choice locations all around the country where hanami can be enjoyed.

In the south, cherry blossom trees begin to bloom in late March, the flowering moving northward through the beginning of May. In the Tohoku Region (northeastern Japan), the colors of the cherry blossoms are more intense, and there is an even greater number of places famed for hanami than in most other regions. The season for viewing cherry blossoms in eastern (including northern) Japan is from the start of April until early May.

We invite you to use the JR East Shinkansen and limited express trains when traveling.

Renowned Cherry Blossom Areas in Eastern Japan

In this section of the Website, we showcase some of the best locations to view cherry blossom trees, along with viewing dates and how to get there.
Peak viewing dates vary somewhat according to the local weather conditions.


As of March 2019.