Autumn – Foliage Special Feature

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AutumnAutumn – Off to see the beautiful fall colors

We have put together a feature on great spots for autumn color viewing to visit that typify the Eastern Japan area.

As autumn deepens and nighttime temperatures drop, the leaves of the forests turn many different colors. Some change to red, others to yellow, and still others to brown. Of special note is the beauty of the maple. Its brilliant colors will capture your heart.

Each year, the trees begin to turn first in the north, and the colors gradually work their way south. In Eastern Japan, the best dates for viewing the tree colors are generally from early October until mid-December.

Autumn sightseeing map for Eastern Japan

Here you will find a great collection of locations to visit in Eastern Japan for autumn color viewing. Check out the individual pages for detailed information on how to get there and what to look for.

Note: Peak viewing dates vary somewhat according to the local weather conditions.


As of November 2019.