Ride JR EAST Trains and Enjoy a Stamp Rally!Ride JR EAST Trains and Enjoy a Stamp Rally!

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How to participate


*For illustrative purposes only.

  • STEP 1
    Download the Japan Travel Guide App Google Play App Store
  • STEP 2
    Complete the user registration
  • STEP 3
    When you reach your destination station, launch the app
  • STEP 4
    Get a stamp
  • STEP 5
    Collect many stamps at various locations

    *Locations for receiving stamps are indicated within the app.

    • E5 HAYABUSA-kun
    • E6 KOMACHI-chan
    • E7 KAGAYAKI-kun
    • Dr. East i
    • E3 TSUBASA-kun
    • E235 YAMANOTE-senpai
    • C51 498 DEGOICHI-san
    • C61 20 SHIROKUICHI-san
    • E259 N'EX-san
    • E751 TSUGARUN
    • E653 INAHO-hime
    • E653 SHIRAYUKI-oji
    • 255 SHIOSAI-san
    • E257 WAKASHIO-kun
    • Toreiyu-kun
    • Tokyo MONOREON
    • New stamps coming soon!New stamps coming soon!

    What's toretans?

    "TORE" is for train,
    "TAN" is for tanken (explore),
    and "S" is for friends.
    All together, we are "TORETANS."
    We are Shinkansen and friends who love to explore.
    Today we will again go out to somewhere we have never been before to look for something we have never seen.

    What's toretans?
  • STEP 6
    Collect the cute train stamps and you will receive a "Digital Photo Frame"!
  • STEP 7
    Share your photos on social media!

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