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First half of FY2011 (April to September)

This page contains public press releases in exactly the form that they were issued (JR East Public Relations Department).
These texts are the same as the contents of the Japanese Press Release website.
To view the body texts, click the linked headlines.

September 6, 2011 : Preservation and Restoration of Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building and Phase 2 of the Yaesu Entrance Development Project
    : Construction Starts on Principal Phase of Chiba Station and Station Building Redevelopment Project
September 2, 2011 : Special Summer Schedule to End
    : Issuance of the 79th and 80th Unsecured Bonds
August 11, 2011 : Start of Operations under "Ordinary Schedule" Following Full Restoration of Tohoku Shinkansen Service
August 10, 2011 : JR Trains Honored at 11th Brunel Awards
July 28, 2011 : FY2011 Capital Investment Plan
July 8, 2011 : Issuance of the 76th, the 77th and 78th Unsecured Bonds
July 5, 2011 : Yamanote Line Platform Doors: Stations Scheduled to Complete Installation by FY2013
June 28, 2011 : Construction of JR Otsuka Station South Exit Building (Provisional Name)
June 16, 2011 : Special Summer Schedule
June 7, 2011 : Energy Conservation Initiatives of the JR East Group
June 3, 2011 : Tohoku Shinkansen Special Schedule Changing with Partial Lifting of Reduced Operating Speeds
May 27, 2011 : Report on FY2010 "Implementation Status of Measures to Prevent Recurrence of Improper Water Intakes at Shinanogawa Power Plant"
May 23, 2011 : Start of the Mobile Suica Service for Android™ Smartphones Supporting Osaifu-Keitai®
May 18, 2011 : Notice Regarding Changes in Representative Director, etc. [PDF/23KB]
May 9, 2011 : Ridership During the Golden Week Period
May 2, 2011 : Petition Submitted to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Regarding Restoration of Coastline Sections Damaged by Tsunami during the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake
April 22, 2011 : Increase in Maximum Water Intake at Shinanogawa Power Station