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First half of FY2006 (April to September)

This page contains public press releases in exactly the form that they were issued (JR East Public Relations Department).
These texts are the same as the contents of the Japanese Press Release website.
To view the body texts, click the linked headlines.

September 29, 2006 : Overview of Plan for Construction Phase II of Tokyo Station Yaesu Development Project
September 27, 2006 : Four e-Payment Brands to Use Same Reader/Writer — Suica, iD, QUICPay and Edy —
September 5, 2006 : New Rolling Stock Introduced on Keihin-Tohoku and Negishi Lines —Series E233 direct current electric railcars—
July 4, 2006 : Efforts Aimed at Alleviating Transportation Problems in Greater Tokyo
June 9, 2006 : Reduction of Interest Rate Charged on View Card Cash Advances
June 6, 2006 : All Trains to be Made Entirely No-Smoking
June 2, 2006 : GBP 250 million 4.875 per cent. Bonds due 2034
April 11, 2006 : Development of the World's First Fuel Cell Hybrid Railcar