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Second half of FY2005 (October to March)

This page contains public press releases in exactly the form that they were issued (JR East Public Relations Department).
These texts are the same as the contents of the Japanese Press Release website.
To view the body texts, click the linked headlines.

March 31, 2006 : Reassignment of Corporate Officers
March 7, 2006 : Green Car Service Started on Joban Line Local (Suburban) Trains, Green Car Service Expanded on Utsunomiya and Takasaki Lines
February 15, 2006 : Appointment of Corporate Officers
January 17, 2006 : Current Measures in Response to the Uetsu Line Accident
January 13, 2006 : GBP 250 million 4.5 per cent. Bonds due 2036
December 21, 2005 : Compatibility of Suica and PASMO Services to Commence in March 2007
November 14, 2005 : Mobile Suica Service to Start Saturday, January 28, 2006!
November 8, 2005 : Introduction of World's First Hybrid Railcar in Commercial Use
October 19, 2005 : JR East Prepares for a Large-Scale Earthquake
October 4, 2005 : New Rolling Stock Introduced on Chuo Line (Rapid Service) and the Ome and Itsukaichi Lines