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Enjoy the Culture of Japan at a Genuine Hot Spring


A hot spring is a spring supplied by hot water that bubbles up out of the ground. Since ancient times it has been customary in Japan to bathe in hot springs in a beautiful natural setting to relax both body and mind. In Japan there are many hot springs of many different kinds. In recent years increasing numbers of travellers have been visiting Japan from overseas in search of hot springs, which have now become some of the most popular tourist spots in this country.

"The Onsen" is a traditional hot spring which is lovingly looked after by the yumori (hot spring master). Why don't you also stay in a Japanese inn with a genuine hot spring where you can relax and enjoy the culture and food of Japan?

About "The Onsen"

"The Onsen" is a hot spring brand recommended by JR East which has been loved since ancient times by the local people, and has been looked after throughout that time by the yumori, the owners of the Japanese inn who work hard to provide genuine spring water to their customers.

Guests can experience the feeling of the active ingredient in the hot spring water directly soaking into their skin at inns where the hot spring water bubbles up naturally from the bottom of the bathtub. This Japanese inn features hot springs using the "kakenagashi" method in which the spring water bubbles up from the source untreated and is not circulated around, and the inn offers the outstanding hospitality that is so natural to the Japanese people. We call it "The Onsen" because there is only one like it in the world.

Recommended Hot Spring Inns in the East Japan Area

Recommended Hot Spring Inns in the East Japan Area

Recommended Hot Spring Inns in the East Japan Area

We will publish more detailed information about the inns on this website as it becomes available.