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Explore the local cuisine of eastern Japan with original dishes made from local ingredients at the nomono Restaurant Miyako Shinagawa Store. The ingredients are tailored to nomono's special regional fairs.

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1F Takanawa Exit (outside ticket gate)
JR Shinagawa Station
Phone 03-3446-5435
Opening Hours

Weekdays: 7:30am-11:00pm
Weekends and public holidays: 9:00am-10:00pm

* We have English and Chinese menus so that our visitors from other countries can enjoy our great cuisine, too.

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About nomono Restaurant Miyako

Example Menu from nomono Restaurant Miyako

Enjoy original dishes with ingredients from each area of east Japan, specially designed by nomono Restaurant Miyako's head chef. Enjoy set meals and our specialty, chanpon noodles, made from local ingredients, with drinks such as alcoholic beverages that locals love.

We also use the most delicious rice from various regions of east Japan, and introduce the unique characteristics and local culture around each type of rice.

nomono Restaurant Miyako is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or on your way home in the evening.

nomono Restaurant Miyako Menu Examples

Other great dishes from our menu include breakfast sets, local alcoholic beverages and snacks to accompany your drink.